ABATE 5 Star event

We met our friends at Chevron and we all headed out HWY 70 to the Peace River Campground.  If you want to actually ride around here, ya have to head out east and what a great venue for a weekend shin-dig!

Arriving at our destination, we made our way down the dusty little trail.  My attention  drawn away from the road momentarily by a feisty herd of ladies all dressed up in zebra print.  Later on I found out they were The Calendar Girls and they would be the early afternoon entertainment.  They have to be about the bravest group of ladies I know and  they go to great lengths to raise funds for Paws for Patriots.  Who else but a group of mature women would get up in front of a group of hairy bikers and do a little Kung-fu-fighting?

 At the intersection of…

Steve Trevor (Bikers Post) was busily filling up his memory cards with images.  I chitty-chatted with Mr Trevor for a bit and found him to be a very nice guy.  We go to a lot of these events and as much as I hate to say it, most of the photographers working these things have attitudes.  Not so with Steve.  My thought on the whole thing is you can be good at what you do and still be nice.  Anyway, I got so wrapped up in talking with him that I missed the shot of Estero ABATE VP flipping his woman off the back of his bike.  Check out Steve’s pictures on Bikers Post, I think he got it.

Besides watching girls back flip off motorcycles and wishing I could look so good in zebra print, I made my way to watch the women (who were still able to manage lookin’ good in a bikini) wash bikes.

Actually, I was more interested in the guys who were throwing their money at them for a chance to be next.  It was such a hot day maybe more money could be made if the bike AND the rider got a bath.  But this is a family friendly event, plus,  we weren’t around to see what went on after dark.

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The games were scheduled for 3:00 so round about 4:00 the guys lined up for the slow-race.  I think there were about 16 bikes that entered but only one would be crowned “The slow one”.  Congratulations to Doc who finally won.  Could it be that after 6 or 7 races in the same lane you tend to figure it out?  All kidding aside he did have some impressive stops and in the end he got to toot his horn.

Timmy, you balanced those tennis balls like a pro and once again got your rider right under the weenie.  Yum-yum.  Thanks West Coast for stickin’ with the French’s.  Who got the big ol’ trophy for the most members?  Sorry to say I don’t know.  Do you?  If so let us know!