AMCA Spring National Meet

The Sunshine Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America

Spring National Meet 

Doc asks us every year… “are ya going to the meet”?  Our answer had always been “no”.  Your bike has to be at least 35 years old to play rodeo and ours don’t qualify.  If Tim had to stand around and watch the games I believe he’d develop some kind of weird twitch.  It probably wouldn’t be noticeable at first but somewhere in between the ring toss and the tennis balls, it would be uncontrollable and we would have to leave.

I had been chit chatting on Facebook a day or so before the event and our friend Bobby said he’d throw his 1960 BMW in the trailer so Tim could play motorcycle rodeo too.  What a guy!   So we loaded up the truck and headed east.  Yes, we took the truck!  If I didn’t ride all week, this may have been cause for concern but that’s not the case.  We do ride every day and one day in a truck is kinda relaxing.  Especially when you don’t have to navigate.

Rain pelted the windshield and all I felt was warm and dry. I watched the huddled masses as I poured another cup of coffee out of my thermos.  Daytona bound.  Girls huddled behind the guys, the guys huddled behind their fairings if they were lucky enough to have them.

The rain does bring out the best in some people and I want to take a moment to brag on these two.  Friday night, Val was headed out on her new Honda CBR to meet Bobby in New Smyrna.  On her way, the rains came down and as she was making her way through it she heard a horn blowing and it was Bobby with the trailer.  He left New Smyrna, figured out where she should be and waited for her to come by.  Far from home, on the road alone in the rain and her hero shows up!  Like I said… what a guy.

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The riding club was dotted with mud puddles.  Clothes lines were strung between tents and campers.  Vendors were vending and the smell of sausage and BBQ filled the air.  The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of those in attendance.

In spite of the rain, we had fun.  Bobby and Doc placed well in the events and left New Smyrna with some trophies.  Tim and I left wondering “What is a reneck eggroll and is there really such a place as Howie-in-the-hills”?

We now have 347 days to find a couple 35 year old bikes.